The American Saddlebred


   It is the horse America made and what a beautiful horse it is … The American Saddlebred. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce so many new people into the fantastic world of Saddlebreds as well as the Hackney and Morgan breed.

   Whether you are thinking about the exciting possibilities of showing horses or you are looking for a horse simply for pleasure, we encourage you to learn more about this wonderful breed. The Saddlebred was bred to be smooth & comfortable to ride, refined & beautiful, willing & intelligent, not to mention strong & full of heart.

   The versatility of this breed is truly amazing. In addition to traditional Saddleseat, these horses can excel in many different disciplines & can make wonderful pleasure horses for at home.

   When it comes to the Saddlebred in the traditional horse show scene, we are proud to have trained many World, National and Regional Champions. We have the experience in all divisions including 5-gaited, 3-gaited, Park, Show & Country Pleasure, under saddle, in harness, Western, Equitation, as well as Roadsters, Morgans & Hackneys.

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