Wentz Stables' owner Diane Wentz is a talented artist that is able to capture beautiful moments and turn them into lifelong memories with her amazing drawings. She produces an original artwork taken right from your own photograph or combination of pictures. Allow her to create a unique & life-like portrait of either a special person or your beloved pet.

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   All original portraits are 100% hand drawn in your choice of either graphite (black & white) or colored. Sizes range from 8x10, 11x14, 14x17 or 18x24. Photos must be high quality, decent size, and detailed. Arrangements are then made for portrait size, graphite/color and time-frame.

   You will have an opportunity to review your artwork online before accepting it. All drawings are sprayed several times with a fixative giving a painting like quality. Framing/matting not included. 50% deposit required to begin portrait with balance due upon review & completion. Portrait pricing is for single subjects with simple background with additional fees for complex backgrounds, extra subjects and spot color on graphite portraits.

Wentz Stables, LLC.      7423 Skytop Court, Orefield, PA 18069     610-366-1066     wentzstables@aol.com